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Posted by Lilith on September 29, 2010

Yesterday was an interesting day! I’m still replaying it in my head – not that that’s necessarily a bad thing.

Yesterday I got to go behind the scenes of a Brazzers porn set. Sunny Lane and Johnny Sins were the leads in the scene. The plot: Sunny Lane plays Dr. Lane; Johnny Sins plays her patient (I’m not exactly sure what his name was as the only time it was said was when Dr. Lane was screaming it through panting and pounding). Dr. Lane tries aiding patient whoever’s recovery by blowing, hand-jobbing and fucking him, and at the end of 40 minutes of hardcore fucking, she announces that he is on his way to a full recovery. Unfortunately, Dr. lane is caught by her boss while the cum scene is going on she gets fired.

Behind the scenes in the make up room with Sunny Lane.

Man finding a picture of Johnny Sins was no easy task. About 99 percent of the photos online had his cock in the corner of the shot with a girl taking up the rest of the shot.

Sorry I just ruined the plot for those of you who couldn’t have figured it out, and if there are people out there that are more interested in the plot than the sex, I’m sorry to say, I feel kinda bad for you.

The Brazzers clock always points to 4:20!

Anyway I couldn’t have had a better experience. I was on a real live set. I was watching business happen. Sure that business is the business of fucking. But come on, fucking has got to be one of the biggest businesses out there.

That being said, it’s fucking. And sometimes fucking is funny. Every time Sunny Lane called her asshole her star fish, it was hard for people not to giggle. And when the big boss comes into the scene right when Johnny Sins is cumming and shouts Dr. Shane, when her name is supposed to be Dr. Lane, it was terribly hard for us all not to bust up laughing.

After some hardcore fucking the set was all 'fucked' up!

The day was great, and I feel like I learned quite a bit about the industry. And where a lot of people who knew what I was doing warned me that this experience could ruin porn for me, it was actually quite the opposite. I respected every one I met on set. I had a great day, and I got totally turned on. So really a win win day I’d say.

Details on the full article to come soon.

xoxo Lilith Diana

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