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title pic Men’s SOM Rocket Type

Posted by Ash on June 9, 2010

Here is another robot sex machine for men,

and man, that thing looks like it would jerk my dick right…off my body.

I want one!

This is the “Men’s SOM Rocket Type” from Kanojo Toys. It’s from Japan and it is a “robotic masturbator designed to fit right between your legs as you sit or lie down,” …huh, and fuck it. Or rather let it fuck you. And from the looks of it I think you might need a chainsaw style starter rope to get that thing going. I mean Jesus! That animated picture is kind of intimidating!

BTW, I just got to point out that the name sounds like a bad Japanese translation. They seriously couldn’t come up with a better name than Men’s SOM Rocket Type? I mean even a name like Robopussy would have been better. I also gotta be the one to point out it looks sorta tiny. Maybe I’ll wait to get one when they have an American sized version.

I think Roxxxy the sex robot from AEE this year might have some stiff competition (pun intended) in the robotic sex field. But with the price tag on this at $508 with a $57 shipping fee, I think I’ll pass. I would rather spend that kind of money on fun night out at a booby bar with the lady.

Oh, and don’t you worry ladies. There is a sex robot for women too. I might be a little more willing to shell out the $508 bucks for this one just to have the opportunity to watch Lilith attempt to fuck this thing. *Insert Styx Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto joke here.

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