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title pic Valentine’s Day Present for Her

Posted by Lilith on February 3, 2010

I am a super lucky girl. Ash is usually a really great gift giver. He puts a lot of thought into his presents. He usually surprises me with something really cool. It’s not always big or expensive, it is just really thoughtful. I know, no matter what, I can expect something cool from my baybuh.

But if I could pick any present for Valentine’s Day this year, I would have to go with something shiny and pretty that fits in a little satin-lined box … the njoy Fun Wand.

I bet some of you were thinking I wanted a ring! Ha. Nope. I want this beautifully crafted sex toy. Made of 316 stainless steal, the Fun Wand can be heated or cool for your pleasure. It is also very easy to clean. This is my kind of toy!

Ash and I have been playing in the anal area for a few months now. We are not to the point where he can freely move from my pussy to my ass, but we are comfortably playing there quite often.

I find myself asking for his finger there when he’s fucking me or playing with the butt plug he got me for Christmas before and during sex. I am not completely comfortable all the time, but I’m getting more and more relaxed each time we play.

I was introduced to njoy products by twitter friends @sexhero and @thinwalls. Sexhero bragged about the new toy he received in the mail, and I was instantly intrigued. He got the njoy Pure Wand, which also looks nice.

But I decided the Fun Wand was a better fit for Ash and I. Ash and I are amateurs. We are just experimenting right now. Sexhero and Thinwalls are in the major leagues. They have the moves and know how to use all the fancy toys. I just want something that is better and bigger than the butt plug I currently have and something that I can use for both my pussy and ass, with or without Ash. I’m sure all these options are available with the Pure Wand, but maybe we’ll upgrade later on.

Hopefully next year we’ll be able to splurge on our fantasy gifts. This year, I don’t think its going to happen. But I have good news, I know what I’m doing for Ash’s Valentine’s Day present. Obviously I can’t reveal it here and now, but I think it’s a good one. I’ll fill you in soon.

xoxo Lilith Diana

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title pic Valentine’s Day Present for Him

Posted by Lilith on February 2, 2010

Valentine’s day is one of those holidays that most people either love to hate or hate to love. I tend to lean toward the hate to love side of the spectrum. I know it has become this ultra commercialized event with flowers and chocolates and chessy cards. That part of Valentine’s Day I’m not so into. But in terms of having a reason or excuse to spend the whole day in bed having wild fun sex … um sign me up.

In the past Ash and I have always had a nice meal somewhere out on the town. We have reserved our gift giving to sex presents and we generally spend the rest of night behind closed doors doing dirty things to one another.

This year, I am on a limited budget. So I’m trying to get creative in terms of his present. But if I had a lot of money to buy Ash a Valentine’s gift, I know exactly what I would get him: The Fleshlight.

This male masturbator is supposed to be amazing. We saw them at the Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE) and they felt so real. They are long enough to put a whole cock in it. THey are easy to clean, and the customizable options are endless.

Ash’s number one complaint with his current male masturbator is that when he slides it down to the base of his cock, the tip of his cock is exposed – very unlike a pussy – so he has to decide if he wants it at the top or the bottom. The Fleshlight would definitely solve that problem.

Some girls might be weird about their man having a masturbator, and I get that. I really do, but I have a plethora of vibrators and toys, so I think he can have one. Plus, I actually really like to watch Ash get off. It’s so sexy and primal. It turns me on just to watch him.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the cash to buy Ash the Fleshlight for this Valentine’s Day. I’ll have to come up with something just as good for a much lower price point.

Stay tuned. Tomorrow I’ll talk about my unrealistic Valentine’s Day gift wishes.

xoxo Lilith Diana

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title pic Thursday at The Velvet Lion with Kiki Daire

Posted by Lilith on February 1, 2010

Mix a little Kiki Daire together with friends Rebecca Love, Gerald Saunders, and somewhat new comers Adorable Audrey and her business partner Bob. What do you get? Another Thursday night at The Velvet Lion.

Kiki Daire was the Intimate Encounter hostess last Thursday night with the announcement that after a seven year break, she is re-entering the adult industry.

Kiki was a lot of fun to hang out with. As she sipped champagne, she told Ash and I about her crazy ex who was one of the main reasons she quit porn to begin with. However, the relationship fell apart, and Kiki decided to return to the industry that she enjoys, is good at and has a fan base that loves her.

Before Kiki’s sabbatical, she had been in porn for quite a few years, and she is one of those girls that genuinely seems to enjoy it. Kiki isn’t fake. She doesn’t look orange from tanning beds. She doesn’t look like she’s had any plastic surgery. She looks completely natural.

So I asked her what the key is for real woman to enjoy sex. Her response: “Girls need to relax, have an open mind and think like a man. That’s the key to having great sex as a woman.”

One thing that was so great about the night was seeing Kiki, Rebecca Love and Gerald Saunders interact. They have all been in the business for many years, and man do they have some stories.

I butted into a conversation between Kiki and Rebecca to hear about a vacation Kiki took with an ex-boyfriend. She got trashed and, “That’s when I realized I could be fisted in my ass and pussy,” she told Rebecca and me. Then the two started talking about bukaki and how someone in the industry has the worst tasting cum.

The whole night was filled with laughs. At one point Rebecca told me, “You know you’re talking to porn stars when your conversation is focused on fisting and bukkake.”

The night was a blast and the best news is that PornStarTweet has a great lineup for the following weeks. In addition to the adult stars, NaughtyTweet TV will be filming at the events and will be streaming live to the website, so if you can’t be there in person, make sure to check it out on their website: The NaughtyTweet Blog. I’ll try to provide as much information as I can over the next couple days.

xoxo Lilith Diana

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title pic Lily and John Holmes’ cock

Posted by Ash on January 31, 2010

Here is a funny picture the very sexy Moxxie Maddron took  a little while back of my Lily with a mold of John Holmes’ Penis on display during the Breast and Bondage event at the Erotic Heritage Museum.

My favorite girls mouth next to the a monster dick

BTW John Holmes cock is fuckin massive! It looks like a babies arm holding a plum.

Ash Modeus 8===D~o

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title pic Bathtub Love

Posted by Lilith on January 29, 2010

Ash and I have been so busy. I was out of town on business the first part of the week, and Ash has been working on several different projects. It seems like our schedules have constantly crossed leaving us, seriously, with minutes of time together.

Since I knew I would be away for a few days, I decided to do something very unsexy – I scheduled some time to have a little sexy party with Ash. I know. I know. Scheduled sex time is pathetic, especially for a couple in their mid-twenties. But desperate times call for desperate measures, and I figured I would rather block out some time for sex, then not have sex at all. So that was that.

During our sexy-party time, Ash suggested we take a bath. For one of my Christmas naughty presents, Ash got me a little fun gift called Bathtub Love. The product includes a bottle of bubble bath and ten little bubbles (they are really the containers that little toys come in at the 25cent machine at gas stations and grocery stores). Inside each bubble, there are four waterproof plastic sheets that have “romantic actions” on them. Taking turns, each person randomly picks a bubble, then selects one of the naughty directions and performs that on their lover.

The game was actually fun. Some of the romantic actions we got were: “Give your lover a foot massage;” “Passionately kiss your lover’s neck;” “Make out;” and “Kiss your lover’s navel.”

Although the game is silly, it got us in the mood to do more both in and out of the bathtub – fulfilling our sexy party goals.

One thing both Ash and I liked about this game is that although there are only ten bubbles, each one contains 4 actions. So that’s forty actions in the whole game. We could play this game over and over and get different actions each time. That’s definitely a plus for us.

One bad thing, however, was that the bubbles were surprisingly tough to open. We were really struggling. We ended up totally breaking two of them. Bummer. We tried turning it into a positive by having the person do the prior action until the next person was able to open their bubble. That made it okay. But it was a little irritating.

Overall, Ash and I were very happy with the Bathtub Love. If you’re looking for something fun and romantic for your lover – and you like to take baths – this might be an option.

xoxo Lilith Diana

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title pic Thursday night at the Velvet Lion with Sammie Spades

Posted by Lilith on January 28, 2010

Exactly one week ago, Ash and I were out, partying with porn stars – our usual Thursday night event.

The Porn Star Tweet parties keep getting better and better. More people are coming out to party. The XXX stars are putting on quite a show for their loyal fans. And everyone is having a good time.

Last Thursday the featured girl of the week was Sammie Spades. She is cute, sexy, quiet, ultra petite with a kick ass body. Sammie has not been in the business very long, but she has been in quite a few scenes. She’s either done or into doing just about anything except gang bangs.

Sammie Spades (left) and Selena Swallows happily pose with my boobies!

Sammie arrived with a bit of a posse, including her husband – male adult performer Sunny Spades, and some friends. Later in the evening, Selena Swallows, Mark Hardstaff and a few fans showed up to party.

The super-sexy Sammie Spades on stage

Sammie quickly changed. She arrived wearing a jean mini skirt and a white low-cut tank, but changed into a bright pink bikini set. Sammie was preparing to get on stage.

As a former dancer, Sammie definitely had the moves. Letting the male patrons place their dollar bills between her tits and showing the pole who was boss — she definitely showed everyone who gathered around the stage a good time.

Porn Star Tweet has the next 6 weeks planned and the lineup is looking good! Tonight, we’ll be meeting Kiki Daire, and I am very excited!

xoxo Lilith Diana

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title pic Showgirl of the week

Posted by Lilith on January 25, 2010

This weeks show girl of the week is Carmen Electra.

A while back Ms. Electra headlined the MGM Grand’s Crazy Horse Paris.


Oh the naughty things we would do to you Ms. Electra!

xoxo Lilith Diana

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